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Why Choose Douglas Rosner Pool Service?

Here you have some reasons and some features
  • Experience Perfecting the Craft With Over 300,000 Pool Cleanings.
  • 25 Years in the Industry Providing professional and prompt work.
  • We are fully liscenced and insured.
  • We are experts at doing anything that deals with the care of your pool.
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Our Guarantee

At Douglas Rosner Pool Service, bringing your backyard to life is our specialty. If you have a problem with your pool you've been putting off for a while or neglecting, we can take care of the job for a surprisingly reasonable rate. We take pride in the pools of our clients and our own patio centerpieces - it is the same commitment we bring to everyone in the south Florida region. Give us a call today - we'll arrange for a free estimate and even a consultation for some of the bigger projects. If we don't list the city you are in, just chat with one of our friendly representatives and we'll work with you to arrange something you'll be happy with.

What Services Do We Offer?

Services That Vary With Needs and Budget
  • Weekly Brush, Net, Chemicals, Clean Tiles, Empty Baskets,

    Vacuum, and Cleaning Filter.

  • Weekly Water Testing that Includes Chlorine, PH (Acid Demand),

    Total Alkalinity, Calcium, Stabilizer, and Cleaning Filter (Filter Monthly).

  • Weekly Full Service and Weekly Chemical Service
  • We also sell Pool Equipment and Supplies at Competitive Prices
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